Dr. Park's Treatment Method


Dr. Park’s Treatment Method



Our office offers variety of quality services for our patients. Please click on each link that shows educational videos if you want to learn more about the procedures that Dr. Park provides. We are always here to help if you have further questions.

Teeth Whitening

White Fillings

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Children’s Dentistry

Implant crowns

Full/ Partial Dentures

High-Tech Implant

Implant Supported Permanent Dentures

TMJ care


When Do I need a crown vs. a filling?

The common question -Dr. P

First of all, what is a crown? It’s a strong protective coverage made of ceramic or metal alloy that holds the tooth together, like a house with sturdy walls and a roof that shelters a tooth in need. There are many reasons why a crown is indicated, the most common reason being that there is not enough tooth structure left after a large cavity removal, tooth fracture, or root canal treatment. When there is not enough tooth structure left and a large filling is placed around the tooth, there is always a risk of tooth and/or filling fracture in the future.

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On the other hand, there are instances when a conservative approach is definitely doable, such as patching a small cavity right underneath an existing crown, or placing a large filling where there is only light chewing force applied. I give my patients the option to either take a conservative approach (filling), or a more proactive approach (crown), with pros and cons explained for each procedure.

Lastly, how long will my crown last? Or for how long will I be able to keep this large filling until it possibly breaks? There is no perfect answer to that! I’ve seen a whole spectrum of results, and my answer to that will be based on the average result seen over the years in addition to an individual’s oral condition and habit.

Children’s Dentistry

“Do you see kids too?” -Dr. P

Yes. I love treating kids! My staff loves kids too.

When your toddler starts to show a couple teeth, please bring them in for a check up. Oral hygiene instructions and nutritional counseling will be given upon your visit with your child. It’s best to familiarize children with dental care early on so that they feel comfortable quickly at an impressionable age, and most importantly, early prevention is the key to keeping those pearly whites healthy.

What if my child is scared? I can’t stress enough how the way you and other family members talk about the dentist profoundly affects your children’s expectations. Stay positive, make it sound fun, and yes, it really will be fun as I will talk in kid-friendly terms, as well as reward them with toys at the end of the appointment. Dentistry has come a long way, and a dental home can indeed be a happy place for your entire family!

If there are special circumstances when my office cannot meet all your child’s needs, I will refer you to excellent pedodontists in the neighborhood.

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