COVID-19 Safety Measures


PECO (Molekule) Air Purifiers

Providing a safe environment with clean air is especially important to us. Our office uses quality Molekule air purifiers that utilize PECO technology. The technology not only filters small virus particles such as COVID-19, but destroys them without creating any harmful ozone byproduct. The air purifiers are continuously run throughout the day, taking in and processing air from the surrounding, and then releasing fresh, purified air. The units are located in each treatment room and the reception area.

In addition, after each procedure, the purifier is turned up to its maximum level for a period of time to ensure complete air exchange before the room is ready for the next patient.

2-Step Screening Process

We send online COVID-19 screening forms to our patients before their appointment, so that patients can assess their condition before coming into the office. Upon arrival, we ask our patients again of any possible symptoms and measure their temperature and oxygen level.

*If you have recently traveled domestically or internationally by airplane, bus, or train, please wait 14 days before making an appointment with us.

Every morning, we also check our team’s temperature and oxygen level to ensure that we ourselves are symptom free.

Enclosed Procedure Rooms

Our treatment rooms are separate rooms that provide patient privacy and allow significant reduction of air flow from one treatment room to another.


Social Distancing & No Waiting Room

We take social distancing among patients seriously, and make sure that our patients do not cross paths in the hallway or reception area. We have patients call us when they arrive and escort them directly from the back door to the procedure room. The procedure rooms are then closed with curtains. When a procedure is completed, our staff makes sure that the reception area and hallway are clear for the patient to exit.


Extraoral Suction unit with HEPA Filter

Preventing airborne contamination is crucial especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our office has a powerful extraoral suction unit with a HEPA filter that captures the aerosolized contaminants directly from the patient’s mouth. Research has shown that the unit significantly reduced aerosol particles of varying sizes compared to when the extraoral suction unit was not used.

In our office, when procedures that generate aerosol, such as fillings and crowns, are performed, the head of the extraoral suction unit is placed near the patient’s mouth so that the patient’s aerosol can be captured and filtered immediately.


Plexiglass barriers in the reception

Safety Barriers and Face Masks

Our staff follows the statewide protocol of wearing face masks to ensure that the office is a safe environment for our patients. We also kindly require that our patients come into our office with fresh face coverings.

Our reception area is installed with plexiglass barriers for added protection to prevent any accidental droplet exchange from talking, coughing, or sneezing.


Frequent Disinfection

Our office uses EPA registered disinfecting solutions that are effective against COVID-19 to sanitize frequently touched surfaces.

1) Screening station: Chair, iPad, Pulse Oximeter, and any other item that has been touched are wiped down with Cavicide or 70% isopropyl alcohol.

2) Front desk surfaces are wiped down with Caviwipe after every patient interaction. Sanitized pens and used pens are separated, and the used pens are wiped down with 70% isopropyl alcohol.

3) Restroom surfaces are disinfected with Clorox Hydrogen Peroxide wipes after every usage, and the air ventilator stays on for 10 minutes after each usage.

4) All surfaces in treatments rooms—patient chair, assistant chair, dentist’s stool, cabinet counters, keyboard, mouse, dental unit and lines go through a 2 step disinfection process. The surfaces are wiped down twice with hospital grade disinfectants. Primarily, we use CaviWipes and Optim 1, both effective at destroying COVID-19.

5) All reusable instruments are autoclaved at high temperature and pressure, eliminating bacteria, fungi, and viruses.


COVID-19 Infection Control Training & OSHA Training

Our office has completed both a COVID-19 infection control training, and a 2020 OSHA training, all focusing on infection control protocols for the current climate.

Our team is always updating knowledge and monitoring modifications concerning COVID-19 prevention.

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