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John B.      

Submitted 03/03/20

I arrived shortly prior to my appointment time, staff was friendly and efficient. Dr. Park was also very friendly and efficient. I will return.

Jane C.      

Submitted 02/07/20

Very professional staff and dentist who pay attention to detail. good communication. Little wait time. All very personal. Thanks for great care!

Rudy R.      

Submitted 02/05/20

everybody was very nice and helpful

Tewah C.      

Submitted 01/22/20

Very professional, I always feel improved after every visit, everyone is so nice. Thanks Dr. Park


Submitted 01/16/20

today was my first visit with Dr. Park, she was extremely professional, gentle and thorough with my visit.


Submitted 11/22/19

Recently had a cleaning after many years of not having one, it was great, very efficient and pleasant. Thank you Dr. Park and Staff!

Cody C.      

Submitted 11/19/19

I had an amazing experience at my last check up with So Young Park and her awesome staff. She's very gentle and thorough with her cleaning with a super friendly atmosphere. I'm already looking forward to my next cleaning.

Farzaneh K.      

Submitted 11/16/19

I had a great experience yesterday at Dr. Park's office. Team was very friendly, professional and knowledgeable. Thank you for your great service.

Stephen T S.      

Submitted 11/13/19



Submitted 11/11/19

After seeing Dr Pam for many years, I met Dr Park. She's kept up the tradition of careful and considerate work.

Jackie C.      

Submitted 10/18/19

I'm enjoying getting to know Dr. Park, after being Dr. Nomura's patient for two decades. She is efficient, friendly, and patient. Faced with a "mystery" tooth sensitivity, she pondered the possible solutions and came up with an answer that we think will help (after the current sensitivity wears off). I enjoyed and appreciated my visit.

Rudy R.      

Submitted 10/02/19


John B.      

Submitted 09/28/19

Dr Park and her entire staff were friendly, professional and efficient.


Submitted 09/21/19

I had a general cleaning and check up. The assistant and Dr Park we're good. So caring. The cleaning was amazing, Dr Park is so gentle and thorough.

David W.      

Submitted 09/21/19

Very good.

Sandra W.      

Submitted 09/19/19

Dr. So Young Park is very thorough. She is also very nice and personable.

Kristin R.      

Submitted 08/31/19

This was an emergency for me, and a 3 day weekend for her, but she met me at her office and took care of my tooth and gums. I'm very grateful for her help.

Tom H.      

Submitted 06/15/19

Dr Park is so nice and gentle! Great staff - friendly and professional.

Kristin Kay S.      

Submitted 06/08/19

Very friendly and caring environment!

Tewah C.      

Submitted 06/07/19

Always appreciate my visit to Dr. Park's office.


Submitted 06/07/19

It was my first cleaning session with Dr. Park. The team made me feel very welcome and did a great job of the cleaning. Besides, Dr. Park took extra time to meticulously inspect my teeth based on the records on file and explained what she found clearly. I am in good hands.

Rudy R.      

Submitted 05/10/19


Stephen T S.      

Submitted 05/02/19


Marilyn R.      

Submitted 04/20/19

I was very happy with my visit. Every one is so friendly, and I was pleased to meet DR. Park. Her care was easy and good.

Deondra T.      

Submitted 04/04/19

She was great!

Joseph C.      

Submitted 03/22/19

This was my first teeth cleaning session with Dr. Park after having received 10+ years of excellent services from Dr. Nomura. She was very light-handed and friendly, communicative and enthusiastic at the same time. I learned a lot about how to keep my teeth clean using an automatic brush. I must say I am totally delighted to have her taking care of my dental needs going forward.

Sandra W.      

Submitted 03/15/19

She was very thorough and gentle. She made some suggestions and listened to my responses to the suggestions.

David W.      

Submitted 03/15/19

She was very gentle and thorough.

John B.      

Submitted 03/13/19

The 11th was my first visit to Dr. Park, it was good appointment and I found Dr. Park to be very efficient, friendly and knowledgeable .


Submitted 02/27/19

Dr. Park is a great dentist and wonderful person. This was my first time seeing her after Dr. Nomura retired. She is just as skilled as Dr. Nomura and made me feel comfortable. I’ll definitely be back.

Charlie M.      

Submitted 02/08/19

She was great, very gentle, thorough and when needed treatment was amazing at numbing me

Ann M K.      

Submitted 02/01/19

I was very happy with my first visit with Dr. Park. She was very thorough and had good suggestions about good dental hygiene

Fred Wolkovitz      

Great office. Staff are Always cheerful, helpful and accommodating. Dr Park is highly skilled and knowledgeable.

Denise Su      

Dr Park is a super friendly dentist. She is very thorough in cleaning (I have lots of tea stains) but gentle at the same time. Belinda, the person who takes care of the front desk, even offered to watch my baby while I was getting my teeth cleaned. I highly recommend this place for both adults and children!

Renee W. 11/14/2019      

I usually loathe going to the dentists and have never fully trusted them (whether for pushing services, not addressing issues right away that end up getting worse and costing more, or making things sound way worse than it is so they can make more money off of insurance), but my experience at Dr Park's office changed that. She and her staff are so accommodating and approachable. She was able to explain things to me in a way that wasn't intimidating, and was honest about what should be addressed now vs what can wait to accommodate finances. I always felt bad the way previous dentists would almost be gossiping about my teeth with their assistants while being examined, like I wasn't even in the room. Dr Park is very professional in this regard. I also felt like she was more thorough in her examinations. So glad to have a dentist I actually trust now.

Beth T. 10/30/2019      

Dr. Park is an excellent dentist, who even does her own cleanings. Thorough care and explanations. She is professional, pleasant and kind, as is her staff. Highly recommend!

Debbie D. 8/22/2019      

Dr. Park is an excellent Dentist. She is very personable, kind, gentle and truly values you as her patient as well as a friend.
The office manager to her assistant are awesome!
I just can't describe how much I enjoy going to the office! Who likes to go to the Dentist? You will! You will look forward to your visit it's just like being welcomed home!

Chris L. 6/25/2019      

Dr. Park has taken over for long time dentist Dr. Nomura and everything has been great so far! The transition has been smooth- scheduling appointments is easy and the staff is friendly. I had my first cleaning the other day and got some advice on brushing and flossing techniques. Dr. Park and her assistant were very thorough in their cleaning and have a nice way of treating their patients. Overall, I'm satisfied and will be a returning patient.

Scott S. 4/21/2019      

I recently switched to having Dr. Park as my primary dentist, and I couldn't be happier to have made the change!
For my first visit, I went in for a regular teeth-cleaning. The receptionist was very clear and kind about the insurance information and previous dentistry records that they needed from me.
As for the teeth-cleaning itself, I have never had such a gentle, yet thorough, teeth-cleaning from any of my previous dentists! Throughout the entire time while Dr. Park was working, she constantly made sure that I was comfortable. After the cleaning was finished, Dr. Park gave me a few pointers on what changes I can make to my dental routine to keep my teeth as healthy as possible. Leaving the building, I felt as if my teeth were the cleanest they've been in years.
Overall, Dr. Park is a phenomenal dentist! I am definitely going to continue scheduling appointments with her moving into the future. Anyone looking for a new dentist or looking to change from their previous one should seriously consider Dr. Park!.

Susan M. 4/20/2019      

I met Dr. Park while she was, unbeknownst to me, filling in for another dentist in the area where I live. I was very impressed with her competent no-nonsense yet gentle way of explaining in full the approach she would take to deal with the issues she saw in my x-rays.
When I learned she had returned to her practice in San Jose, I decided immediately to make an appointment for the follow-up work in San Jose, although it would entail a two-hour round trip. What an excellent decision!!! Her office is so friendly, competent and accommodating and her work is so excellent, I will continue to make the drive to see her for future work and check-ups. It had been years since I've felt so comfortable and experienced so little angst while sitting or rather lying in a dental chair for two hours. She made a quick decision and so did her assistant to stay much later than expected to create a crown for a tooth which I had previously decided to simply have filled.
DO NOT HESITATE TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT WITH DR. PARK; WAY ABOVE PAR OF THE NORM. Her Dental Assistant was superb as well and the two of them truly work as a team. It was a superb experience and believe me, at 76, I've never made that statement..

Vivian H. 3/21/2019      

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Dr Park recently took over Dr Nomura's dental business. The transition was seamless. I had my teeth cleaned today by Dr Park and was very impressed! Her attention to detail is terrific and she's very kind and friendly.
If you're looking for a good dentist that you can trust, I recommend you try Dr Park.
Thanks Dr Park!

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